Urban Grill

Our fresh meats include traditional charcoal grilled Portuguese chicken, chorizo, pork and ribs.


Fresh, authentic Portuguese specialties perfectly prepared for every event and occasion.

Natas Laval

Bakery & Specialties

Bread, pastries, spices, meats, olive oil, Portuguese specialties and more.

PORTUGUESE urban grill

Welcome to Lajeunesse. We’ve been proudly serving Portuguese Specialities made from scratch right here in Vimont, Laval since 2010. Lajeunesse has become a staple for local diners and visitors who have a fond admiration for the finest grilled meats, seafood, bread and pastries.


Sal S.
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I have to say, I am a BIG chicken lover. I found my new GO TO place for the best chicken, perfectly spiced. After the meal, I always have 1, 2, maybe 3 natas..they are out of this world. Staff, extremely friendly and well mannered. Been there 4 times and will be going back. Sal 🙂
Gary K.
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Honestly new owners they are very hands on and they are alot of people working. Foods tasting much better then a couple of weeks ago and amazing pastries again . If you were disappointed when u came a month ago. You will be satisfied this time for sure.
Kevin D.
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Excellent family chicken dinner. Get the round roasted potatoes and rice. Add the buns and nantas.